Who am I? Who are you? Who are we? We are not lost, but we are found.
A group of friends birthed a passion project in 2017 with the core objective of providing a platform for music lovers to explore, express, and connect. Kaynouna has become one of Dubai’s most anticipated festivals and is continually determined to create new, unique, and impactful experiences by celebrating art, music, and culture.


Kaynouna is for explorers of all kinds; explorers of music, art, culture, and one’s self. We aim to provide experiences that help you connect with yourself, others, and your environment. And we believe in creating a space where you can express yourself freely and without judgment.


While Kaynouna is not confined to a single space, our festivals are currently taking place in the heart of Old Dubai, at “The Secret Garden”. A truly unique and spacious venue in Dubai, surrounded by large trees, and enclosed with our bamboo structures to create a sense of isolation from the busy city life.

Azania - 4th feb 2023

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